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Please see below for some of the fabulous testimonials people have sent.

Karen Childs – Head of Knowledge and Information NSPCC
Helping to provide parents, carers, teachers and everyone with a role in protecting children with advice on how to talk to them about staying safe is something that sits at the very heart of the NSPCC’s mission. This advice includes encouraging children to share secrets that worry them with a trusted adult. It’s something we have really pushed as part of our Underwear Rule campaign that aims to keep children safe.

Christina’s book, which is available for reference in the NSPCC library, reinforces this essential behaviour that we so encourage children to learn. We wish Christina all the best with this great resource.

Allan McLaren- Deputy Director Partnerships – Barnardo’s
Keeping children safe is one of our highest priorities and Christina’s publication helps to reinforce this.

Angela Wimbush – Deputy Headteacher
Share Some Secrets is an excellent book and I am sure it will help children understand which secrets they should and shouldn’t keep. I love the way you have written it in rhyme too making the message memorable. It is not easy finding good resources to help with safeguarding issues.

Ann Marie Christian - Child Protection Safeguarding Consultant
Great rhyming story highlighting a sad topic in a very effective way. The story highlights the challenges and difficulties children face when disclosing abuse to members of their family. The uncle is seen as the trusted person and welcomed in the home by the family, but clearly Milly’s behaviour changes when he is around. Demonstrates the grooming model. A good book for parents  and teachers to read with their children and promotes the rights of the child. I use this book when I deliver child protection training to schools. The author has a great website with relevant resources to encourage discussion with children. I strongly recommend this book to both schools and families.

Mrs Christian - Parent of seven and eleven year old girls 
Great multi-cultural book with lovely, bold colours and illustrations. My seven year old daughter liked the rhyming of the story and the strong message in the book. This book should be read to every child by their parent or carer.  Decent price and story was not too long. A lovely, user-friendly book.

Review from an eleven year old
I enjoyed the book. You should never feel alone and always have someone you can trust that will listen to you. We shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and not able to tell. Some secrets are OK to be kept but ones that make you feel sad shouldn’t be kept and told to someone.

Review from an seven year old
You should trust people and not be scared of anyone. If you are, tell your teacher or parent.



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